Congratulations to the Upper Hutt Masters Indoor Cricket Team.  They attended the National Champs in Auckland in September 2019 and successfully won the grade - National Champions after defeating Wellington in the semi final 83-76 and Hutt Valley in the Grand Final 87-54


The Winter season has now finished.  

Results and MVP's for each final were...


Monday Netball A Grade Major

Monday Netball A/B Grade        

Monday Netball C Grade

Monday Netball D Grade

Monday Netball MVP

Tuesday Netball A Grade Major

Tuesday Netball A Grade Minor

Tuesday B Grade

Tuesday Netball MVP

Wednesday Netball A Grade

Wednesday Netball B Grade

Wednesday Netball C Grade

Wednesday Netball D Grade

Wednesday Netball MVP

Thursday Cricket Division 1

Thursday Cricket Division 2           

Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

 Batter of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

 Batter of the Season            2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Friday Netball Social Mixed Grade


Dream Team vs eiP eigroeG 48-46

Beatables vs The Mix Ups 39-36

Black Panthers vs Mahi Tahi 42-27

Mad dog and the lads vs A & E 37-31

Kieran Phegan

Nope vs Chloe 60-56

Balls vs Hide and Seek 41-22

Scrambled Legs vs Game On 53-51

Hannah Rodgers

Georgie Pie vs Meat Lovers...Extra Sausage 50-25

Stripes vs Unpredictables 29-28

Not Fast Just Furious vs The Queens 62-57

The Savages vs MSD 41-27

Josh Powell

B.D.E. vs Sons of Pitches 40-27

21 Off an Over vs Walking Wounded 114-113


Sean Girling

Dan Archibald

Bryce Fellows

Mark Vonder

Bryce Fellows

Richard Williams / Dylan Gaw

Liam McGee

Tim Wilks

Jeremy Connor

David Vonder

Jeremy Connor

Hayden Lockhart

A Team vs Barb-arians 56-52

MVP of the FINAL

Tyler Davies

Mandy Howat

Keiran Phegan

Lauren Thorley

Deidre Martin

Cherie Knights

Kim Gilchrist

George Robins

Dan Farrell

Josh Powell

Natasha Savage

Carl Thompson

Cameron Napier

22.76   / game

22.44  / game

22.06  / game

-0.29    / game

4.56   / game

5.25   / game

24.70  / game

21.14 / game

20.93  / game

4.50   / game

5.27   / game

6.00  / game


Indoor cricket can be great for your outdoor game.  It's a great way to play cricket all year round.  No rain, no weather worries and NO CANCELLATIONS !!! CLick here to see Michael Clarke talk about his experience.