Congratulations to the Upper Hutt Masters Indoor Cricket Team.  They attended the National Champs in Auckland in September 2019 and successfully won the grade - National Champions after defeating Wellington in the semi final 83-76 and Hutt Valley in the Grand Final 87-54


The Autumn season has now finished.  

Results and MVP's for each final were...


Monday Netball A Grade Major

Monday Netball B Grade        

Monday Netball C Grade

Monday Netball D Grade

Monday Netball MVP

Tuesday Netball A Grade

Tuesday Netball A/B Grade

Tuesday C Grade

Tuesday Netball MVP

Wednesday Netball A Grade

Wednesday Netball B Grade

Wednesday Netball C Grade

Wednesday Netball D Grade

Wednesday Netball MVP

Thursday Cricket Division 1

Thursday Cricket Division 2           

Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

 Batter of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

 Batter of the Season            2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Friday Netball Social Mixed Major

Friday Netball Social Mixed Minor


P Towners vs Dream Team 52-46

Black Panthers vs Mahi Tahi 52-36

Mad Dog & The Lads vs No Names 40-36

Organised Chaos vs A & E 51-34

Tere-Hei Tamariki

Ba Ba Ra vs Chloe 54-50

Wildcats vs Sweaty Bettys 61-24

Goal Diggers vs Game On 59-37

Jaimee Jeffries-Rua

LesssGooo vs Georgie Pie 45-37

Not Fast, Just Furious vs The Queens 58-40

Zig Zag vs Loose Screws 54-38

Pumo It Up vs Miso Hoops 50-23

Matt Beachen

GEC FC vs D-Bags 100-42

JGB Battlers vs No Fumble Bees 105-93


Ryan Jackson

Morgan Lamont

Dan Archiblad

Bryce Fellows

Craig James

Nick Ward

Sam Williamson

Adam Williams

Jeremy Connor

Hannah Kells

Adam Dougherty

Jason Ritchie

TGIF vs Odds n Sodds 66-51

MMT vs A Team 39-32

MVP of the FINAL

Benjamin Lewis

Keiran Phegan

Josh Aldrich

Mike Booth

Peta Wirihana

Jaimee Jeffries-Rua

Jenna Houston Tupou

Drew Brooking

Daniel Farrel

Jamie Dwan

Jamie Dwan

Ryan Jackson

Liam McGee

22.50 / game

19.36  / game

19.20  / game

-0.86  / game

1.20    / game

2.60   / game

22.85  / game

21.60  / game

20.38  / game

1.14     / game

5.40   / game

5.47    / game

Deidre Martin

Xavier Taito


Indoor cricket can be great for your outdoor game.  It's a great way to play cricket all year round.  No rain, no weather worries and NO CANCELLATIONS !!! CLick here to see Michael Clarke talk about his experience.