Congratulations to the Upper Hutt Masters Indoor Cricket Team.  They attended the National Champs in Auckland in September 2019 and successfully won the grade - National Champions after defeating Wellington in the semi final 83-76 and Hutt Valley in the Grand Final 87-54


The Autumn season has now finished.  

Results and MVP's for each final were...


Monday Netball A and B Grade        

Monday Netball C Grade

Monday Netball D Grade

Monday Netball Overall MVP

Tuesday Netball A Major Grade

Tuesday Netball A Minor Grade

Tuesday Netball B Grade

Tuesday Netball C Grade

Tuesday Netball Overall MVP

Wednesday Netball A Grade

Wednesday Netball B Grade

Wednesday Netball C Grade

Wednesday Netball D Grade

Wednesday Netball Overall MVP

Thursday Cricket Division 1

Thursday Cricket Division 2           

Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

 Batter of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 1     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

 Batter of the Season            2nd


Thursday Cricket - Div 2     1st

Bowler of the Season           2nd


Friday Netball Social Mixed Grade

Friday Ladies Cricket

Batter of the Season

Bowler of the Season

Overall MVP of the Season


@charles_eats vs Goats 65-47

Hellraisers vs Abbies Shout 50-24

Bringing Sixy Pack vs Dented 45-41

Cameron Harris

Geez vs Ba Ba Ra 52-45

Uncommitted vs Louise 54-42

Flamingos vs Wildcatz 50-39

Ladi 6 vs Silverstream 44-40

Erin Colson

Georgie Pie vs Harry Potter 48-22

L Blade vs Kazzies 50-46

Tofts vs Shake N Bake 36-35

J Jams vs Shit Hot 48-37

Cameron Harris

D-Bags vs NNOBCC 73-70

Walking Wounded vs Nemo 77-75


Jordan Herdman

Bryce Fellows

Liam McGee

Todd Thurston

Liam McGee

Joel Fellows

Sam O'Brien

Liam McGee

Phil Hankinson

Adam Dougherty

Sam Davy

Jeremy Connor

Barb-arians vs A Team 51-38

Sixers vs Heat 173-33

Haley Best

Hannah Kells

Hannah Kells

MVP of the FINAL

Charles Goldsmith

Sam Fraser

Erin Te Kani

Caitlin Delaney Carroll

Deidre Martin

Erin Colson

Drew Brooking

George Robins

Tori Reynolds

Craig Dixon

Sean Lapslie

B Fellows/R Vekony

Jeremy Connor

23.71   / game

20.66  / game

18.38  / game

2.08    / game

3.46   / game

3.82   / game

24.00  / game

20.45 / game

16.45  / game

2.36   / game

5.82   / game

7.42  / game

Makayla Woodhead


Indoor cricket can be great for your outdoor game.  It's a great way to play cricket all year round.  No rain, no weather worries and NO CANCELLATIONS !!! CLick here to see Michael Clarke talk about his experience.