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Junior Netball

College Students


Intermediate Students


Primary Students


All prices are

per team per game

Registration Fee

$ nil

League runs from
mid September to end of term 4

Fri Afternoon Primary/Int

Fri Evening
No games during school holidays

Affiliated Member of New Zealand Indoor Netball

We are an affiliated member of NZ Indoor Netball

  • Indoor Netball is one of New Zealand’s most popular recreational sporting choices, with thousands of teams playing each and every week throughout the country.

  • Like all of our sports, Indoor Netball is played on courts that are surrounded on all sides by fully tensioned nets that are an integral part of the game, keeping the ball in play at all times and used to both make and receive passes.

  • One of the key factors in the success of indoor netball is the fact that it is a true mixed sport, with male and female players able to compete in the same game on an equal footing unmatched by any other sport.

  • Eight players may take part in any one game, with a maximum of six players on the court at any one time.

  • Each game consists of four equal quarters of 9 minutes each  with a 40 second interval between each

  • There are three playing positions, Attack, Centre and Defence and the court is divided into two halves.

  • Attack players are permitted to move anywhere within their team’s attacking half, Defence players are permitted to move anywhere within their team’s defence half, and Centre players are permitted to move throughout the entire cour with the exception of the goal circles at either end of the court.

  • Mixed teams must have at least one male player on the court at all times and two male players are not permitted to occupy the same position on court.

  • Successful shots at goal taken from within the goal circle are worth one point and successful shots at goal taken from outside the goal circle by either an Attack or Centre player are worth two points.

  • Indoor Netball is an enjoyable, fast and exciting game that is easy to learn and play, and fully graded weekly competitions are available all year round.

  • Every competition that we offer is fully serviced by providing all necessary playing equipment, match umpires and comprehensive competition management, so all you and your team mates have to do is turn up and play your game, we do everything else for you !

  • To register as a team or individual player simply click on the Log In/Register button above and get started.

  • Please click on the links below to download a copy of the NZ Indoor Netball rule book or our stadium policy.

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