Adult Soccer

Game Fees

$66.00 / team


$1.00 discount

off game fee

per college student


Registration Fee

$ nil

  • Indoor Soccer is an exciting adaptation of the world game and emphasizes running, passing and ball skills to provide a high energy, fast moving game. 

  • Like all of our sports, Indoor Soccer is played on courts that are surrounded on all sides by fully tensioned nets that are an integral part of the game, keeping the ball in play at all times and used to both make and receive passes. 

  • Futsal soccer balls are used so that players can kick it as hard as they like with out risk of injury to themselves or other players, and there are specific tackling rules applied that help to develop and reward skilful play. 

  • 5 players are permitted on the court at any one time. 

  • Each game consist of four equal quarters and  takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete. 

  • An indoor soccer court is divided into halves, and marked with a goal semi-circle at either end of the court. 

  • Each team is comprised of a Goal Keeper and four Outfield players. 

  • Outfield players may move anywhere within their designated area but also with the exception of either goal semi-circle, conversely, Goal Keepers must remain in their designated area at all times. 

  • Mixed teams must have a minimum of two female player and a maximum of three male players on the court at all times, and one male player must be in the position of Goal Keeper. 

  • In the mixed grades, successful shots taken by a male player are worth one point, and successful shots  by a female player are worth two points. 

  • Indoor Soccer is an enjoyable and exciting game that is easy to learn and play, and fully graded weekly competitions are available all year round at your local Action Indoor Sports Stadium. 

  • Every competition that we offer is fully serviced by providing all necessary playing equipment, match umpires and comprehensive competition management, so all you and your team mates have to do is turn up and play your game, we do everything else for you !

  • To register as a team or individual player simply click on the Log In/Register button above and get started.

  • Please click on the links below to download a copy of the NZ Indoor Soccer rule book or our stadium policy.